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For more years than I like to admit,  I’ve worked as a copywriter, journalist and occasional filmmaker in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Byron Bay. I have travelled extensively and lived in London for close to seven years. But the Tweed has been my home base for many years now.

Having worked my way through university several times by waiting on tables, and being blessed to have eaten at some of the finest restaurants in major international cities, I have a deep appreciation of quality food, wine, and good service of course!

I’m also an avid fan of live music. Along with my passion for food and wine, photography, travel and writing – and love of the Tweed Shire – it’s all motivated me to create this site to help stimulate local business.

As locals know, the Tweed has suffered natural disasters four years in succession – bushfires in 2009; then the  summers of 2010 and 2011 were hit by devastating floods and endless rain; and floods again plus freak storms in early 2013.

But it takes more than good weather to sustain a community. So I hope you’ll find this website and blog an inspiration to motivate you to  explore the unique country towns and coastal villages of the Tweed Shire more often, whether you’re a local or a visitor.

If you are a local and you have some insider’s knowledge you’d like to share on what to see, do, taste and enjoy in the Tweed, don’t be shy – leave a comment on this site. Or just let me know what you think of it. I look forward to hearing from you.



April 2012

An update for 2013 – Reviews, disclosure

When I first set up this blog, I was initially aiming to generate some income from the vast amount of time (and skill) I invest in covering local activities, arts, and entertainment. After all, Tweed businesses and venues have much to gain from free exposure and publicity! As such, I didn’t want to publish reviews.

Reviews are subjective – they are one person’s opinion, observations, and experiences, no matter what journalism school might teach! From the experience I’ve had working for some print publications in the past, they can put you at the mercy of your advertisers and compromise your opinion. And your ethics. And I’m big on ethics, so…

In 2013 I decided to keep this site purely as a blog, with my own voice, and my own opinions (along with those who choose to comment and add their insights, which I greatly encourage) – as a labour of love, with integrity. What you read about here is what I have experienced myself in the Tweed, first hand. I do not get paid to write about specific businesses and at this stage, businesses do not pay to be included on the site. Unless otherwise disclosed, reviews published are from the point of view of a paying customer.

I introduced Reviews in July. These are based purely on my experiences that I have paid for independently. Experiences I’d like to share with you, the Tweed local or visitor, so you can gain a greater insight to and enjoyment of the wonderful offerings from this spectacular Shire.

At this time,  Tweed Scene still was still operating on a simple WordPress.com blog that I created myself (and I’m a writer, not a techie!). With no clever SEO plug-ins or ‘off-page’ SEO work, it has been ranking on page one of Google search results for ‘what’s on in the Tweed’ and more related searches. These SEO results are based purely on the quality of the content.

To provide better mobile access to the site and give it a cleaner look, I implemented a new responsive design template in August. In October, I began the mammoth task of shifting the site over to WordPress.org and a bigger server host. This was completed in December, with some structural changes to the site to improve usability.

This is a website for the entire community to share and I’d love to hear what you have to say about your experience in the Tweed, as would your fellow readers. So if you’d like to add your insights, please do.

Want to help? Then spread the word amongst your neighbours and colleagues. Sign up for the free weekly entertainment guide and like the Facebook page. And share your insider’s knowledge about living in (and loving) the Tweed.



December 2013

© 2012-13 all images and text Kaye Blum. Kaye Blum is a MEAA accredited journalist.


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